Okofen Pellematic boilers from 7 Energy Shropshire PowysA Pellematic boiler from ÖkoFEN

Wood Pellet boilers

Wood pellet boilers, are similar to gas / oil boilers in that they heat hot water for your home, business, workplace or factory, but rather than consuming fossil fuels, they burn man-made wood pellets. Wood pellets are made from sawmill waste and are formed under immense pressure to create a fuel that:

  • is sustainable, as the wood is mostly derived from managed forests
  • has extremely low CO2 emissions when compared to other fuels
  • has an almost Zero Carbon balance, in that the trees which the pellets come from absorb carbon dioxide from the air
  • can be cheaper than almost any other form of boiler fuel

7 Energy recommend ÖkoFEN Pellematic Wood Pellet boilers from Organic Energy, although we can supply boilers from other manufacturers. Find out more about ÖkoFEN Pellematic boilers here.

Log and wood chip boilers

Biomass harnesses energy to convert to heat from organic biological mass (otherwise known as biomass) such as plants, waste wood, crops and animal waste. Our small biomass boilers are designed for households and small businesses and burn wood chips or logs to produce the heat required for hot water and heating. We can also provide a range of highly efficient log-gasification biomass boilers suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

The advantages of using wood chip or log biomass boilers:

  • sustainable, when the wood is derived from managed forests
  • low CO2 emissions when compared to other fuels
  • wood chips require less preparation than most other types of wood fuel and are therfore cheaper to buy
  • costs compares favourably when compared with gas, oil or electricity

7 Energy recommend ETA biomass boilers from Innasol Group. Find out more about ETA Biomass boilers here.