Solar Thermal integration

For maximum efficiency in energy saving and to maximise solar performance we recommend combining your Pellematic wood pellet boiler system with Pellesol solar thermal panels (also manufactured by ├ľkoFEN).
In the ideal case a solar thermal system can provide almost 100% of your hot water requirement during the summer months.

During seasonal transitional periods and for most of the winter your Pellematic wood pellet boiler takes over and will provide the heating and hot water. However the Pellesol solar panels will still contribute to your energy saving by pre-heating the water in your system.

7 Energy can combine a Pellematic boiler system with Pellesol Solar Thermal panels. We use specialist software to precisely calculate the ideal size and configuration to suit your needs, because every situation is different and every installation unique.

The following diagram demonstrates how a domestic residence can be equipped with a biomass boiler, solar thermal panes, a biomass storage tank, a combination buffer hot water tank and a smart controller:

Complete biomass, solar thermal and combination boiler heating and hot water systems from 7 Energy Shropshire and Powys