Energy Box

Energy boxThe Energy Box is a complete wood pellet boiler ‘turnkey' system - literally in a box!

With Energy Box, 7 Energy will provide you with a self-contained pre-fabricated building to house the boiler and the wood pellet store. All you have to provide is the space and the concrete base for the Energy Box.

Energy Box has unrivalled advantages:

  • bespoke designs to suit your requirements
  • fixed price
  • known delivery date
  • easily transported or relocated
  • compact and produced from sustainable timber with a choice of claddings
  • delivered ready for installation
  • simple modular off-site construction
  • flexibility to suit specific local conditions
  • does not intrude upon living space - can even free-up space for you

Up and running in a matter of hours

An Energy Box contains a complete heating system for any home or building:

  • ÖkoFEN boiler(s)
  • FleXILO wood pellet store
  • Auger or vacuum fuel supply system

The system is delivered ready for installation by truck and is connected to the heating system in a matter of hours. Please note you will have to have a pre-installed concrete base as a foundation for the Energy Box. Please Contact Us for specification details.

The Energy Box is a complete plant room designed and pre-fabricated by ÖkoFEN, which represents the very latest in renewable, sustainable heating technology and is low in carbon dioxide emissions and extremely cost-effective.

Approved with the following certification test:

  • fire rating
  • acoustic levels
  • electrical installation

Based around a durable timber construction and manufactured from 42mm triple laminated sections, the Energy Box is available in a variety of colours and bespoke finishes allowing you to tailor the design to suit your needs.

With a nominal capacity ranging from 8 to 224kW the Energy Box is equally suited to a single isolated home or a large urban complex, in the domestic, commercial and government sectors.

Energy Box sizes

Energy Box is available in five sizes:

Energy box sizes

Energy Box A - Power range: 8 - 20kW
Dimensions: L 3200mm x W 2430mm x H 2750mm

Energy Box B - Power range: 12 - 32kW
Dimensions: L 4800mm x W 2430mm x H 2750mm

Energy Box C - Power range: 15 - 56kW
Dimensions: L 6200mm x W 2430mm x H 2750mm

Energy Box D - Power range: 72 - 112kW
Dimensions: L 10300mm x W 2430mm x H 2750mm

Energy Box E - Power range: 144 - 224kW
Dimensions: L 12300mm x W 2430mm x H 2750mm

We are more than happy to advise you on the correct system for your project. Please Contact Us for a preliminary discussion. For the larger capacity systems we will put you in touch with our nearest regional Partner.

Claddings and colours

Standard exterior claddings include; Larch and Spruce. Coloured metal claddings and bespoke finishes are also available.

Our standard range of Energy Box colours:

Energy Box colours

If you need any further information on any product, or just need some clarification, please call us on
01743 461452 or send us an email. We are always happy to help.