FleXILO - wood pellet storage and Pellematic boiler fuel delivery systems FleXILO - wood pellet storage and Pellematic boiler fuel delivery systems

The FleXILO system provides wood pellet storage in a FleXILO tank, with pellets being fed to the boiler by an auger screw or via a vacuum suction system.

The FleXILO storage tank provides an ideal fuel solution for storage rooms by utilising less space and is particularly suitable for renovated buildings.

FleXILO advantages

  • Special antistatic textile material, super strong, wire-reinforced
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Ideal for renovation and restoration projects
  • 12 standard sizes ranging from 450 kg to 7 tonnes
  • Bespoke pellet tanks up to 12 tonnes capacity
  • Flexible
  • Dustproof
  • Can be situated in cellars or damp areas
  • Can be installed outdoors if protected from rain and UV light

FleXILO Compact Features

  • 60% more wood pellet storage
  • innovative patented functional concept by means of elastic springs and retractable bottom
  • integrated auger
  • woven polyester fabric with special textile with antistatic properties
  • simple and quick installation
  • cost effective
  • dustproof
  • sustainable timber frame
  • outdoor installation possible

FleXILO takes up approximately the same floor area as a bunded oil tank, containing the same amount of energy.

FleXILO with Auger DeliveryFleXILO with Auger Delivery

The auger delivery system is the most economical solution but can only be used where the FleXILO is adjacent to the boiler.

The auger can be installed on 3 different sides and is pivoted from 20° to 35°.
The burner can be fitted to the right or the left.

FleXILO with Vacuum Suction Delivery

FleXILO with Vacuum Suction DeliveryWith Flexilo Vacuum Suction delivery, wood pellets may be delivered from the FleXILO to the boiler using a vacuum suction system. The maximum distance in this case is whatever can be achieved with a 20m length of flexible hose. The vacuum suction system is used where an auger delivery system is unsuitable, for example where there are long distances or difficult routes between the FleXILO and the boiler.

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