Wood pellets are a 'clean / green' and sustainable solid biofuel.Wood pellets

Wood pellets are a 'clean / green' and sustainable solid biofuel. They are manufactured from clean sawmill waste, a totally renewable energy resource. Each pellet is formed under high pressure, to produce an extremely dense fuel of a consistent quality with very low moisture content, properties which make them ideal for use in our fully automatic heating systems.

Wood Pellets can save our climate

Wood pellets are a renewable resource, which can directly replace oil or gas as the primary energy source in a home, office or municipal building for central heating and production of hot water.

Differing CO2 emissions relating to popular energy sources for heating The graph chart (right) illustrates the varying CO2 Emissions g/kWh, including the whole production process, of the main energy sources currently used in the UK for heating purposes.

They provide an almost Zero Carbon or CO2 balance. As trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide from the air, the amount of carbon dioxide that a tree fixes during its life is released again in the same quantity whether the timber is burnt or decomposes.

The CO2 emission from combustion is no higher than the emission for natural decomposition.

For a more detailed comparison download and view (in PDF format) a table table showing approximate figures on the fuel requirements of the various boiler sizes per year, and the subsequent carbon output for the whole lifecycle of the wood pellet fuel. It also shows the equivalent gas or oil fuel requirements, alongside the carbon that would be released from those sources.

Because of their individual size, usually about 10mm - 25mm long and 6mm in diameter wood pellets are much easier to handle, transport and store than other forms of wood fuel.

Wood Pellet Fuel Supply from 7 Energy Wood Pellet Fuel Supply from 7 Energy

Wood pellets are increasingly produced in the UK so the environmental impact of transporting this fuel is minimal when compared to obtaining oil or coal.

Pellematic wood pellet heating systems from 7 Energy are often designed for bulk fuel supply which gives you;

  • the advantages of bulk purchase
  • dust-free filling
  • maximum duration of time between refills

However, you can also receive wood pellets in convenient bags, which often suits a hand-fill boiler and premises where space for a hopper cannot be found.

To ensure the smooth running of your Pellematic boiler, 7 Energy offers premium quality fuel to all our customers. There are a growing number of other wood pellet producers in the UK.

We currently work with several wood pellet producers and suppliers in the UK and Ireland to offer a reliable delivery service.

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