Pellematic wood pellet boiler systems from 7 EnergyPellematic wood pellet boiler systems from 7 Energy

We only install wood pellet boiler systems from ├ľkoFEN, pioneers in their field and with more than 35,000 boiler installations worldwide we can safely say, one of the most experienced too. ├ľkoFEN products are:

  • tried and tested
  • guaranteed for up to 25 years
  • made to the highest quality standards in materials and workmanship
  • at the forefront of technological development

Pellematic wood pellet boilers

The Pellematic's unique three-draught combustion technology provides almost unparalleled levels of performance, plus almost everything about a Pellematic boiler is automatic, from fuel delivery to ignition. They also clean themselves automatically too! Although you do have to take care of ashes disposal from time to time, this is a simple, clean process, which means you won't even get your hands dirty.

Pellematic boilers are also available in a variety of sizes to suit smaller homes right up to office buildings, warehouses, factories or public / private institutions.

The table below shows the output performance for the Pellematic boilers in the range. It also provides a guide for the size of house / building each boiler is generally suited for. Dimensions shown are included for initial guidance. Please contact us regarding the specific circumstances and size of your project before you plan.

All dimensions are in mm (millimetres).

BOILER Ref PE08 PE12 PE15 PE20 PE25 PE32 PE36 PE48 PE56
Suitability - see key below A A / B A / B B C C C D D
Nominal output kW 8 12 15 20 25 32 36 48 56
Width - total mm 1013 1130 1130 1130 1186 1186 1297 1297 1297
Width - boiler mm 645 700 700 700 756 756 863 862 862
Height - boiler mm 1066 1090 1090 1090 1290 1290 1553 1553 1553
Depth - boiler mm 691 814 814 814 870 870 990 990 990
Water capacity - litres 39 66 66 66 104 104 135 135 135

A - Small sustainable home / office
B - Four to 5 bedroom home / small office building
C - Large house or flats / large office building
D - Large commercial building

Pellematic boiler controlsPellematic boiler controls

The heating circuit controller for all Pellematic boilers is very easy to use and has a host of functions. With a dial and only two buttons it regulates the heating simply by pressing and turning.
The controller provides:

  • clear, large, backlit graphic display
  • straightforward menu with clear text display
  • comfortable remote control via SMS
  • simplicity to control from the living room using digital or analogue remote controls
  • individual temperature and timed programmes for particular heating circuits and hot water
  • frost protection and party function
  • specific design, developed for pellet boiler with solar
  • integrated floor and wall heating curing programme function

Optional removable ash boxOptional removable ash box

All Pellematic boilers can be fitted with an integrated removable ashbox, so ash disposal has never been so clean and easy. With a few simple actions the box is removed and the ash can be disposed of in biodegradable bags.

  • simply detached
  • effortless, comfortable, clean waste transportation
  • available for every size of boiler
  • recommended optional extra

Boiler Colours

The standard colour for our Pellematic Wood Pellet boiler is Green. Three optional colours are also available - Red, Yellow and Blue.

If you need any further information on any product, or just need some clarification, please call us on
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