The Feed-in-Tariff - FIT / EXPORT / SAVE

Feed-in-Tariffs (FITs) became available in Great Britain on 1st April 2010. They are not currently available in Northern Ireland.

Under the FITs scheme, UK energy suppliers are compulsorily obliged to make regular payments to the legal owners of buildings who generate their own electricity from solar power (and other renewable energy generating systems such as micro generation wind power).

What are FITs?

The basic principle of the Feed-in-Tariffs is that they:

  • guarantee a minimum payment for all electricity generated by your photovoltaic solar system
  • give you a separate additional payment for the electricity exported to the grid
  • are designed so that the average income from your solar power installation will be greater than the repayments on any loan taken out to purchase and install the system (over a 20 year period)
  • are guaranteed to continue for 20 years (for Solar PV) by the UK Government - once you have joined

Who qualifies for the FITs?

Any solar power installation that has been installed by an MCS accredited company. However check with the website's mentioned below.

Government website

For the latest information, qualification status and rates we suggest you visit The Energy Saving Trust website, the OFGEM website.