Planning and installing your Solar PV system

Once you have contacted 7 Energy we will:

  • Visit and assess your property
  • Provide you with a document that will give you an initial illustration of the following information:
  • The type and size of photovoltaic system that should be suitable for your property
  • The estimated cost of the system fully installed
  • The system's potential energy generation
  • Details of any income it could generate

Proceeding to the next stage we would carry out a detailed site survey, recording the following:

  • Site details
  • Array location & mounting information
  • PV Electrical system information
  • Planning information
  • Energy generation information
  • Property energy usage
  • Data logging/network equipment details
  • Payback calculator
  • Property electrical details
  • Delivery information
  • Documentation list
  • Site hazards & risk
  • Display equipment details
  • Energy summary

Conducting this detailed site survey will enable us to discover any potential problems with your property (with regards to a photovoltaic system) at an early stage of the project and therefore allow us to take these problems into account when providing a final quotation to you.

In addition, during the detailed survey particular attention is paid to any special planning requirements and pre-approval of grid connection. These are both legal requirements and therefore important to check at an early stage of the project.


Planning is not normally required for photovoltaic systems. However, if your property is a listed building or in any of the following areas, additional planning investigations may be required:

  • National Park 
  • Site of special interest -  World Heritage site
  • Important bird/bat area
  • AONB - an area of outstanding natural beauty

Electrical Connection

During the site survey stage we will check what sort of electrical connection your property has, who your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) is and record details of your property's electrical system. A full connection application will be made to the DNO during the initial stages of the installation phase of the project. We can also contact your electrical supplier to see if you require an import/export meter.

If there are any planning applications or electrical connection application issues, we would recommend that you use 7 Energy Ltd. for any additional work that has to be carried out on your behalf. This will reduce any potential delay in your photovoltaic system installation and give you a greater chance of success of overcoming any objections.  

After the detailed site survey is completed you will be issued with a detailed site survey report and a final fixed price system quotation.

The fixed price quotation will include the following information:

  • Fixed overall price    
  • Time period the quotation is valid for
  • Breakdown of components and prices       
  • Payment terms and schedule
  • Project work schedule        
  • Company terms and conditions

On acceptance of our final quotation:

  • A deposit will be required
  • 7 Energy Ltd. will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient installation date
  • You then pay the Balance of Products at least 2 weeks prior to the agreed Installation Date
  • The photovoltaic system will then be installed and commissioned at your property
  • You then pay the Completion of Installation Payment (Payment 3)
  • Once commissioned and payment of cleared funds has been received in full, we will register your system with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and the local Distribution Network Operator under the G83 grid connection regulations
  • All commissioning documentation will then be sent to you together with the operation and maintenance manual
  • We register your installaion with MCS
  • You can then enter into an agreement with your electricity company for the sale of any surplus electricity and Feed-in-Tariff

To start the ball rolling please call us on 01743 461452 or send us an email. We are always happy to help.