Solar Thermal products from 7 Energy

Solar panel hot water heating is an economically sensible renewable technology in a wide variety of situations, and especially when compared to ground-source heat pumps. It's now a viable option for most properties in the UK and with energy prices rising relentlessly and with the initial capital outlay reduced through the RHI scheme, now is a good time to invest and install solar thermal panels from 7 Energy.

We supply and install two solar thermal products from Europe's leading manufacturers in terms of their advanced technology and reputation for quality:

ÖkoFEN Pellesol Solar Energy Hot water heating panels. Produced by one of Europe's major companies in sustainable and renewable energy products.

Gasokol solar energy hot water heating systems. Characterised by their high quality and simplicity of installation, they are manufactured by a company with decades of research and development experience.

PELLESOL Solar Thermal Heating Systems

PELLESOL solar thermal panels are the right choice to make for homes, businesses, commercial premises and the government buildings.
PELLESOL solar thermal panels are extremely efficient in transforming the radiation of the sun's energy into hot water. The solar collectors themselves are designed to ensure the maximum solar gain per area of absorber, with minimal pressure drop.

Additionally, the heat transfer fluid has its own independent sealed circuit from the absorbers to your hot water store, the heat is exchanged via a solar coil, similar to a boiler coil but larger, in the domestic hot water tank or buffer tank.

PELLSOL solar thermal panel features:

  • PELLESOL solar panel hot water heating systems copper absorber with highly selective coating
  • 2.25m2 gross surface area
  • 2 x 1 modular design
  • ideal for integration with wood pellet heating systems
  • highly efficient hot water production:
  • 1.5m2 collector area produces approx. 70% of the hot water required per person per year
  • max. efficiency 79%, solar absorption 95%, emissions 4%
  • highly insulated frame
  • manufactured from double-walled, powder-coated, welded aluminium sections
  • easily-assembled mounting system constructed from aluminium and high quality steel ensuring maximum
  • reliability and longevity

PELLESOL solar thermal panel hot water heating systems are also fully certified to fulfil all the requirements for obtaining grants.

PELLESOL roof mounted solar heating hot water panelsRoof Mounted or Roof Integrated

PELLESOL solar collectors don't just offer the best heat gain, their ultra slimline profile contributes to their unobtrusiveness.

They also offer maximum flexibility as the flat panels can be roof-mounted or roof-integrated. Our site survey team will be happy to advise you on the most applicable type for your property.

Gasokol Solar Thermal Heating Systems

7 Energy are trade specialists in Gasokol solar panel water heating systems. We provide a full specifying service and are privileged have access to Gasokol's design and technical departments for larger scale solar thermal projects.

Gasokol solar panel hot water heating systems from 7 Energy are the result of extensive research and development, combined with several decades of experience in the real-life applications throughout Europe.

All Gasokol components are manufactured to the highest standards, using corrosion resistant bronze, copper alloys and aluminium. All our solar collectors are glazed with dedicated solar glass instead of window glass or perspex.

Additionally, unlike other solar thermal products, the Gasokol systems offered by 7 Energy use no plastic components. This is a very important consideration given the temperatures and pressures involved. A solar water heating system typically runs at two or three times normal atmospheric pressure and can reach temperatures of 200°C or over: to ensure both safety and reliability, high grade materials are crucial.

Where roof integration is required a Gasokol solar thermal sytem offers the best of all worlds as not only are they aesthetically pleasing, the sub frames are manufactured from sustainable timber - not aluminium.

When you also realise that the solar collector will normally replace a section of a roof, the importance of excellent workmanship and a tried and tested design become obvious.


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