What size of Solar Thermal System is right for me?

This guide will help you assess the right number of solar panel hot water heating panels for your property. Note that all properties vary depending upon their geographic location and situation.

An unshaded south-facing roof is ideal for a solar system. Other unshaded southerly orientations also work well. Where there are larger deviations from the south an increase in collector size will compensate for any loss of directional efficiency.

Typically 6 sq m of solar collectors for hot water support are sufficient for an average single family house. Over the year up to 60% of the average domestic hot water requirement can be achieved by a solar system with this size of collector.

A simple guide is: up to 1.5 sq m of solar collector area / person.

For example, a family house (4 persons) with average consumption of hot water, roof pitch: 40°, roof orientation: 30° to the west: 4 x 1.5 = 6 m² collector area
Or in solar panel terms...

1-2 person household with one bathroom

3-4 person household with one bathroom

3-5 person household with two bathrooms

Businesses, agriculture, larger public and private buildings
Solar water heating systems are also available for larger applications - 4+ solar panels:

  • Guest houses and B&Bs
  • Livestock barns, milking parlours, out-houses
  • Swimming pools
  • Sheltered Housing and Social Landlords
  • Schools, Hospitals and other local government buildings
  • Commercial and Industrial premises

We use specialist software to precisely calculate the ideal size and configuration to suit your needs, because every situation is different and every installation unique.

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