SMA Wind Power Technology

Windy Boy 3300 Inverter

With a business model based upon technological progress there's little wonder that SMA are the world leaders in wind power inverters. They set benchmarks again and again; leading edge efficiencies of 98% and new technology ensures maximum power yields and the highest user convenience.

Their products provide the user with important data so that you can easily see:

  • How much energy you have generated
  • How much energy has been fed back into the grid

What are inverters?

These units are at the heart of a wind turbine system and convert the direct current produced by the turbine into alternating current, which is the form of electricity we use in the home or at work.

SMA products used by 7 Energy

For small wind power / micro generation installations we fit the Windy Boy range of inverters. They impress with first class efficiency, user-friendliness, safety and reliability.

Windy Boy Inverter 3300

SMA Windy Boy 3300 Inverter supplied and installed by 7 EnergyWindy Boy 3300 Inverter from SMA supplied and installed by 7 Energy

The highest yield in any climate

With a maximum efficiency of 95.6 %, the Windy Boy 3300 and 3800 inverters are among the most cost effective inverters for small wind turbine systems. The weatherproof enclosure and broad temperature range permit installation at nearly any location, and thanks to the OptiCool cooling system, the inverters operate at outdoor temperatures of up to 45 °C with maximum output.

The programmable polynomial curve enables optimal adaptation to the turbine curve, which increases yield. And in case of a problem: the worldwide SMA Service and comprehensive warranty program provide maximum reliability.


  • Up to 95.6 % efficiency
  • OptiCool: continuous operation even at high temperatures


  • Free choice of mounting location
  • Programmable polynomial curve enables free selection of turbines
  • Certified for the major countries (SMA Grid Guard)


  • Galvanic isolation
  • Compatible with the Windy Boy Protection Box 500


  • Worldwide SMA Service including Serviceline
  • Comprehensive SMA warranty program


For more information on any of the products we use please call us on 01743 461452 or send us an email. We are always happy to help and advise.